The Automated Dynamic Networking Model

Exports data to create documents for design review and collaboration


SharePoint is an essential Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Internet. Instead of implementing SharePoint as a Platform as more technology in the organization that requires upkeep, providing SharePoint as a Service (SPAS) is a simpler solution that lowers costs while still maintaining the benefits of team collaboration, documentation management, data integrity security, scalability, etc. In the Shared Service, each business has its own web applications with its own data stores, yet still shares information, search capabilities, and the various application services of SharePoint. Additional benefits include geographically distributed data centers, with continuous data backup, disaster recovery, and servers monitored 24/7.


Whereas SharePoint as a Platform pulls business data into SharePoint, SharePoint as a Service pulls SharePoint data into a business application, which allows for highly customized user interfaces such as in a complex intranet, collaboration sites for projects, or specialized portals. Rich API’s provide access to the SharePoint services, allowing you to leverage as much of SharePoint as possible without being burdened by aspects that you don’t need.


Email as a Service (Eeas) fits in the modern way of app development, as email served from the cloud. It frees you from the money and time required to set up your own email servers, while providing almost unlimited scalability as your needs expand. POP and powerful IMAP access let you access your email with any email program or device.

Sending mail requires attention to things such as spam prevention so you’re not blacklisted, bouncing to make sure delivery is tried multiple times but not enough so many that it overloads the server, and SPF records.

Receiving mail requires attention if you want to make inbound email part of the features of your app such as for Task management, Content management, or Translation apps.

Secure Data Archival-as-a-Service

Secure Data Archival as a Service, also called Cloud Archive, provides a data storage environment as a Service that is optimized for long-term data retention, security, and compliance with data regulation policies. The archived data is easy to search via metadata, with fast data retrieval. The archive is protected with access control and managed by data retention policies. Sound disaster recovery systems protect the data.

Ownership of private mass archival storage is costly and management-intensive, especially for companies with large data retention obligations. Secure Data Archival as a Service reduces costs and maintenance, while also providing many choices with regard to how and where archives are hosted and how users can access their archived data.