Professional Staffing


Dymentum Health is a collaborative team of seasoned hospital executives who provide revenue cycle services, staffing, and other IT medical services to the Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration and other commercial healthcare organizations.  Our healthcare management services focuses on people and organizational culture to stimulate and nurture the sharing and use of the healthcare experience; on processes or methods to find, create, capture and share knowledge; and on technology to store and make this knowledge accessible and to allow people to work together without being together.

We deliver efficiencies to our customers because we have over 20 years of federal healthcare management support, we are experienced hospital administrators, experienced coders and auditors, experienced healthcare billers and collectors with the right people at the right time.  Healthcare management is the conscious strategy of putting knowledge into action as a means to increase organizational performance.


Past Performance


Dymentum Health provides Local, State, Federal, Commercial and Worldwide clients with professionals of different labor categories per contract life cycle.  Tasks and Contracts (past and present) include:

Labor Categories