Behavioral Healthcare

 The Value of Comprehensive Care

Dymentum Health provides comprehensive care coordination and population health management services, includes services to deploy evidence-based programs that reduce healthcare costs, improve quality and outcomes for specific populations, and lays the runway to implement “health homes” to coordinate medical care and behavioral health services.

Mental Health Rehabilitation Services

Dymentum Health contracts with organizations, who are registered Core Services Agencies (CSA) with the District of Columbia Department of Behavioral Health (DBH), and other entities who provide mental health services to individuals who have a serious mental illness, and who are eligible to receive such services from DBH; these individuals being beneficiaries.

Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare

Dymentum Health is a healthcare organization that Provides comprehensive behavioral healthcare for diverse patient populations across the developmental life span. Our clinical services are patient-focused, patient-centered, and are tailored to meet the needs of each individual.

Our core services include:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Do you accept health insurance?

We accept most private insurances along with Medicare and some Medicaid subsidiaries

2.  What is the age range of your patient population?

 6 years of age and up

Our Behavioral Healthcare Division is staffed with knowledgeable providers who have a passion for helping patients discover new ways to overcome their cognitive and behavioral challenges. At Dymentum Health, we understand that finding a qualified, experience therapist can be challenging and intimidating. Our goal is to provide a supportive, patient-centered environment that will meet the unique needs of every individual.

We have had great success in helping individuals cope with the challenges of having suffered from a traumatic or acquired brain injury, as well as assisting families in coping with and caring for loved ones with these challenges. Our team of providers have the proficiency and the know-how in understanding the behavioral and physiological aspects of cognitive functions which enables them to develop innovative, effective methods or treatment for all of our patients.

Dymentum Health will serve as a healthcare services provider and care management organization, among other services that enable clinical and CoCCMunity based staff to deliver specific evidence-based care management programs.